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6 Effective Ways To Find An Apartment
6 Effective Ways To Find An Apartment

If you plan to start living alone for the very first time, or if you want to move to a monthly rent outside the city, you have to be prepared prior to your search for a new home.  Getting the right place for the right price is hardly an easy thing to do, but you don’t need to feel necessarily overwhelming.

When you have found out what your finance can afford, you can get the right apartment. The followings are tips to help you get the best way to find an apartment.


  1. Decide the accessibility

The Census Bureau of the United States of America suggests your rent per month should not be more than 20% from your monthly payment – until 30%. For instance, if you earn $ 4,000 monthly, you should search for an apartment at around $ 1,200. By taking your time to renew and refine your personal budget prior to your search will not only help you estimate the price range but also you can check in which part you can do the cut back when you want to get a more expensive apartment.

Create your budget using a simple spreadsheet, or you can use online services like PearBudget or Mint. These small efforts can truly add and provide you with the means you require for your accommodation in the future.

  1. Take season into your consideration

The season when you search for your new apartment can influence the money that you need to spend ultimately. A lot of rentals are probably available throughout the summer months. However, you may find the price quite costly since during that time a lot of people are searching for a dwelling.
If you don’t consider season for your research, you can try to search for your new apartment during October until December or February until March. Fewer people will want to move if it is cold outside or when it is near the holiday season,

  1. Make a visit

Do not sign any leasing agreement just yet. After you have checked everything and you are satisfied with your new apartment, the location and the owner, you should take the last visit before you give your sign on the agreement. Since prior tenants might have made some damages or caused some issues with the maintenance, you must ensure that you are not going to be charged for any problems that were not your responsibility.
The best way to find an apartment you need to prepare and check the followings:

  • Switch on the lights and turn on the faucets, and flush every toilet in the apartment to ensure everything is working properly.
  • Check for the infestation of rodents or insects, especially in cupboards or storage rooms. Chew marks and droppings are a big red flag.
  • Bring the charger for your cell phone and try to plug your charger into the jacks to ensure they all function well.
  • Check the smoke detectors and search for fire safety devices.
  • Open close and lock unlock the doors and windows.
  • Switch on all included handsets to ensure they function.
  • Check the floors including walls for any sign of damage. Carpet, linoleum, hardwood, tiles, and drywall should be checked.
  • Take photos of problems within the areas and let the landlord know those issues. Save those files. If there is a difference in the maintenance or restoration of your deposit when you move, you have the proof that you did not cause the damage.


  1. Stay organized

If you look at a number of apartments, you can be stressful from checking all the details such as the rental rates, amenities, contact information or the amount of the security deposit. You can create an instant spreadsheet to help yourself.

You have to contact the landlord to require some information about the apartment because he or she can provide you with the detail information than tracking down the place yourself. Mark the spreadsheet for the place that you have visited and added some notes about the property that might be important for you.


  1. Prepare for negotiations

After visiting three or four places, you can try to negotiate with the owner of the apartment you prefer the most. If the landlord notices that you keep other apartment choices in mind, they may be ready to negotiate with you on monthly rent.


  1. Ask for special discounts


There could be some special offers or discounts that you can use. It depends on the apartments you are considering. For example, some homeowners give the first month for free if you choose to sign a much longer lease. Although there are no discounts, it won’t do you any harm to ask.


Although renting a new apartment is like a difficult test for the adults, it is actually a great lesson for them about responsibility. If you do your homework and collect the proper documentation previously, you can anticipate every situation that might come up next, and you can get the best way to find an apartment. Once you have done with those things, you can start thinking about fun activities like picking the right furniture or decoration.




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