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Asbestos was first used thousands of years ago. True story! We discovered very early on about the miraculous properties of asbestos. A wonder rock. When crushed and turned into a malleable product and mixed with other material such as cement, asbestos became amazing.  It was water resistant, fire resistant and best of all, incredibly cheap to produce. Then we discovered the health issues caused by asbestos, and our love affair wit the mineral came to an abrupt end.


Danger Will Robinson!

Asbestos when inhaled can cause cancerous conditions in the body, such as Asbestosis and mesothelioma. These diseases can take up to 20 years to become an issue in the body. Many laborers would wear their asbestos covered overall’s home, and their wife would shake all of the dust from the overalls before washing. We now find that it is not just the men who were laborer’s inside asbestos riddled workplaces that are suffering from cancerous tumors, but also the wives of these men.


So now what?

Asbestos is everywhere in an older home. Quite often the reason for purchasing the home is its yesteryear charm, so ripping all of the walls out is not that appealing not to mention expensive. Although Asbestos removal Wollongong services are readily available.  Fear not! We now have another option, and depending on what your asbestos professional has said about the state of your current asbestos, you may just be able to take advantage of this breakthrough.


Encapsulation of your asbestos is an excellent method to live with your asbestos relatively stress free. Now there are special purpose plastic paints available for this very thing. These paints are thicker and dry to a plastic seal. They should be used by an asbestos professional as the layering and position inside or outside the home could change the requirements.


If applying to an asbestos roof you will want an asbestos professional with a working at heights ticket, to attempt to do this yourself can be quite risky. You will need all of the right equipment, including a specialist sprayer for the plastic paint. And don’t forget you will need an electrician to come in and isolate the electricity to the building. Normally an electrician would work with the asbestos professional in isolation, safety checks and re-installation.


Will this product last?

Like all products, this revolutionary paint can suffer from wear and tear. It is a strong product however and, bar any specific weather events or pointed penetrations, the product should give you excellent service time. Remember you can always re-coat again if you wish.


The plastic paints are available in a variety of colours. Remember to always seek advise fro an Asbestos professional, if this is the correct treatment for your asbestos. It would be quite common for an asbestos professional to take an asbestos testing Wollongong sample of the asbestos from your home for testing at a NATA accredited lab. Heed all advise from your asbestos professional, this is what they have trained for and are licensed because of their competencies.


Life Changed!


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